Shaw Nielsen Illustration

IBM – Animation Keyframes

These illustrations where created for IBM and where to be part of a series of animated videos about the company’s cloud services, though unfortunately because of a change that was out of the creative teams hand’s the work went unpublished. However, I spent a good part of my summer last year working on them and are something that I am proud to say I worked on and wanted to share them nonetheless. Above and below are character studies I completed when we first kicked off the project. At this stage we decided that it would fit with the client’s existing brand better and also give the animator more flexibility if we left off my usual textural style and just went for something flat and very vector looking, which was a fun departure from my usual work.


(More character studies)

For this video, the character was going to be haunted by all of his past technology decisions. To start off the video the narrator would be speaking about all his choices and the word “choice” would grow out of control.

Next, those choices would be likened to a run-away train.

Eventually the scared character would be offered a lifeline.

(I am by no means a full fledged animator, though I’ve always had fun imagining how my characters might move. So, showing the creative team how I imagined this character would climb was a lot of fun.)


As the character’s old technology was swapped out for the newer technology the world grew more colorful.

(I completed a second video, where this poor little character was on vacation also being haunted by his past technological decisions. This is the character study for that video.)



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