Shaw Nielsen Illustration

Scientriffic – Childrens Books

This past year I had the privilege to work with a publisher out of the UK on a series of 3 books about science. All of the books touched on different science related topics that kids could get excited about. One was all about the science behind roller coasters (that comes with instructions to build a really cool paper roller coaster), the second a book was about earth science, and the last about book was about how our eyes and minds work together to create optical illusions. You can read more about the books or purchase them on amazon: here, here, and here.


You can’t not have fun while riding a roller coaster.

I created a lot of illustrations to explain various physics related principals.

An illustration explaining the rotation of the earth around the sun.


An illustration explaining the mechanics behind an earthquake.

How plate movement can create mountains.

“There’s lava in them there hills” is what I imagine that little miner is saying.



A couple of illustrations explaining various optical illusions.

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